Terms of Business

These terms set out how Card Fox Merchant Services (the firm) will provide independent merchant
services consultancy and advice to you and the respective duties and responsibilities of both the firm
and you in relation to such services.

Engagement of Services

Card Fox Merchant Services is a professional independent merchant services consultancy and
brokerage. There is no tie or inducement with any one acquiring Bank over another to secure business
from the firm and all advice is provided in the clients’ best interest with a view to securing the best
possible overall solution.

Card Fox undertakes to use its full level of industry expertise, intellectual ability and access to a choice
of providers in the market for each clients’ best interest and bespoke arrangements can be made for
each client depending on each unique requirement. This independence equips the firm with the ability
to fully appraise and audit the offering of any individual ISO or acquiring Bank.

Required Information

Card Fox will complete a full professional audit on an existing merchant services statement or charging
schedule to establish exactly the type of payments which the business is experiencing- volumes,
average transaction values (very important), card types, chip & pin/MoTo/Customer Not Present
breakdowns, Commercial/Personal Card breakdown, PCI status, History of Chargebacks etc. This vital
detailed information will allow Card Fox to seek a binding bespoke solution for comparative purposes
on a like for like basis.


Card Fox acts solely as a broker and independent advisor in all matters and at no stage processes,
handles or transacts any business on behalf of a client and the clients’ funds are protected. All
monies/transactions/processing are carried out by PCI DSS Secure and regulated Acquiring Banks

Data Protection

Card Fox reminds all customers of their requirement to be PCI DSS compliant and should any client
require assistance in fulfilling this requirement then please contact the firm or any acquiring bank
directly. Signing of this document or transmission of a relevant merchant services statement or any
obvious engagement of services with Card Fox is deemed as providing consent under GDPR regulation
to gather, hold, process and store personal/commercial data. Card Fox undertakes to protect this data
and use only for the purposes intended.

Permission is granted by all clients whom forward statements for audit to allow Card Fox use of their
individual logo/name/images for promotional purposes.
Intellectual Capital/Copyright
All information contained in professional advice and correspondence; written, oral or electronic from
Card Fox is protected by the laws of copyright and intellectual capital. Any dispute in this regard with
become subject to the laws of the jurisdiction within which the client or information recipient is based
and will be vigorously applied.


Card Fox ask that any complaint be raised in writing to the firm or by email to info@cardfox.ie . We will
acknowledge your complaint within 21 days and will fully investigate the circumstances surrounding
the issue. On completion of our investigation we will provide you with a written report of the outcome.
In the event that you are still dissatisfied with our handling of, or response to your complaint you are
entitled to refer the matter to The Financial Services Ombudsman.

Schedule of Fees/Charges

On completion of a standard SME client audit IF Card Fox cannot improve the financial terms of an
existing contract NO FEE is payable by the client.
If savings/improvements can be made each client then has 2 choices:

Option 1…

(Card Fox Consultancy- remain with existing Bank or client arranges new acquirer or makes no
alternation i.e. remains status quo despite savings being available)
Card Fox detailed audit information is valuable for re-negotiation of terms with any existing provider
(or any acquirer in the market or to remain in current contract) -no provider or equipment switch may
be necessary. The consultancy fee applicable for the time and expertise of independently preparing the
comparable figures is 50% of projected first year savings- this fee only applies if Option 2 is not

Option 2….

(Card Fox Brokerage- NO FEE PAYABLE)
On completion of audit the best possible terms available to Card Fox are produced. These rates and
terms are guaranteed for 14 days from issue. Card Fox brokerage handle the application from inception
to merchant account approval and implementation.
Separate to transaction pricing savings specialist projects encompassing
functionality/security/logistical improvements will be carried out at costs agreed in advance with each
Ongoing monthly audit/checks to ensure pricing consistency etc. can be carried out at an agreed fee if
Should a strategic overcharge emerge from an audit – Card Fox will discuss and agree in advance any
fees applicable for preparing documents for refund/compensation
Card Fox Merchant Services will endeavor to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and in line with
best practices and all actions taken by the firm will be in the best interest of its clients.
Transmission/forwarding of a relevant merchant services statement to Card Fox Merchant Services or
its agents/consultants is deemed to be full acceptance of all terms and conditions contained.