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Welcome to Your clever merchant services consultancy. With 30 years financial services experience, we will secure you the best possible deal and a 100% secure payment system from Irish, UK & European Acquiring Banks.


What is Cardfox ?

CardFox is a professional consultancy network specialising in the area of merchant services. The founders of this network have over 30 years experience in the banking and financial services area so are ideally placed to use their knowledge to secure savings for all businesses whom accept payment by debit or credit cards. Our customers can now also accept Apple Pay in addition to debit/credit cards.

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What makes CardFox different?

· Choice of leading Irish, UK, USA & European Acquiring Banks
· No Minimum Monthly Charge
· No Exception Charges
· No Premium Charges
· No Statement Fees
· 100% transparent pricing
· 100% secure
· 365 day help desk & support
· Assisting Businesses in The UK & Ireland


Card Payments Review

Whether you are a small business or a large franchise, CardFox can provide you with the lowest cost card payment solution in the market using its expertise and industry knowledge. In some cases we can reduce your existing charges by over 60%. Simply contact CardFox for a review of your current charges and see if a more economic solution can be found- what have you got to lose? If you accept card payments from your customers can you afford not to contact CardFox for your review?